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(中文) 2021柏思荟年会暨第三届生物药开发者创新大会

(中文) 2021柏思荟年会暨第三届生物药开发者创新大会将于8月28-29日在上海喜玛拉雅美术馆举行。大会以“中国新药新势力”为主题,十五场论坛,千名生物药从业者,百位顶尖新药领袖,倾力打造一场“技术狂欢盛宴”。

(中文) 中国生物医药产业发展的机遇与挑战暨美中药协SAPA2021中国年会

(中文) 中国生物医药产业发展的机遇与挑战暨美中药协SAPA2021中国年会,将于9月3-4日在苏州高新区狮山国际会议中心举行,大会围绕中国制药和生物技术发展的生态体系、推动药品创新的策略及最前沿科学技术等主题,举办高层论坛、专题论坛、项目对接、融资推介、企业展示等系列活动,这将是连通整个医药产业从源头创新、应用研究、临床、生产、销售全产业链条的国际学术盛会,更是资本与项目融合的绝佳舞台。

(中文) CGCT中国基因与细胞治疗青藜风云论坛

(中文) 由博腾生物、佰傲谷BioValley、BioBAY主办的“CGCT 中国基因与细胞治疗青藜风云论坛”定于9月10日-11日在江苏苏州召开。本次会议将聚焦中国细胞基因免疫治疗学术前沿进展、生产关键工艺技术及临床前安全评价、基因治疗AAV生产和载体安全性评估、以及最近新兴热潮的RNA药物等领域;打造从前端学术到后端商业化,端对端中国最大的产业新平台。

(中文) 2021首席医学官(CMO)大会暨中国新药临床试验与临床研究大会

(中文) 为促进我国创新药企业首席医学官(CMO)合作交流与创新发展,推动创新药临床开发、临床研究与临床试验,中国首席医学官大会暨中国新药临床试验临床与研究大会将于2021年9月11日-12日在苏州举办。
本次大会将以“促进 CMO 深度交流,推动新药临床开发,优化临床试验产业链, 共筑行业生态圈”为主题展开专题报告和深刻讨论。

6th China Pharma IP Summit 2021

The revised Patent Law of China will be officially implemented on June 1, 2021, and the drug patent linkage system (mechanism for early drug dispute resolution) and patent term compensation system of concern to the industry will likewise go into effect soon. 6th China Pharma IP Summit 2021 organized by YIP Events & IP Forefront will once again bring together more than 500 leading in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, government officials and policy experts on this Sep 16th-18th in Beijing China who will share their insights on the latest IP strategies for thriving at a time when regulatory and IP landscape changes are significantly impacting your business models. For more information please visit

euroPLX 77 Brussels (Belgium)

The euroPLX 77 Brussels Marketplace for Pharma Business Opportunities is a time-proven window of opportunity for business development and licensing based on the oldest and most often held pharma partnering event worldwide. RauCon’s Marketplaces are always attended by top pharma business development executives from all over the world.

euroPLX 77 Brussels features a two-days in-person meetings event at the five-star Steigenberger The Wiltcher’s Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, and a digital part before and after for matchmaking, follow-up, and separate video meetings.

Participants control the entire partnering process with one single log-in. Meetings are instantly scheduled. The additional video meetings are held in a secure environment.

(中文) PMIO China 第四届中国精准医学与肿瘤免疫治疗峰会

(中文) 为促进和加强肿瘤免疫治疗及精准医疗领域的交流与合作,帮助药企解读最新国内外药政法规,审评与监管政策,助力加速企业研发,临床申报与上市,推动中国生物药的产业化发展,GEC Events携手知名行业协会等机构将于2021年8月20-21日在上海召开,邀您一起“ 共话肿瘤免疫,助力精准医疗”。