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GBI and Bloomberg on market development trends and opportunities in China for PD-1/L1 drugs and vaccines

China has emerged as a powerhouse in the immunotherapy field, with over 40 PD-1/L1 inhibitors under active clinical development. In this webinar, GBI reviews the development strategies and future prospects of the domestic sector, including:
• Current PD-1/L1 approvals, pricing, and market performance
• Both monotherapy and combination strategies and how these are being tailored to China’s unmet clinical needs
• Chinese firms’ PD-1/L1-focused deal making, from partnerships to out-licensing

Besides PD-1/L1 drug development, GBI also invites Bloomberg’s Senior Healthcare Analyst to present analysis of China’s post-COVID-19 vaccine opportunities and development gaps, covering:
• China’s current vaccine industry landscape
• COVID-19 vaccine development strategy
• China vaccine industry opportunities




Bio Latin America Conference

The event brings together high-level executives, industry leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics and investors from around the globe to debate trends, navigate latest challenges, access innovative companies, conduct business meetings and discover new connection opportunities.

5th China Pharma IP Summit 2020

5th China Pharma IP Summit 2020 will once again bring together more than 700 leading in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, government officials and policy experts from around the world on this Oct 14th-17th in Shanghai China who will share their insights on the latest IP strategies for thriving at a time when regulatory and IP landscape changes are significantly impacting your business models.