Upcoming partnered events



BIO-Europe Spring® 2021

The fifteenth annual BIO-Europe Spring® premier springtime partnering conference will be held March 22-25 in a fully digital format. It will include on-demand early access to the company pitches, program sessions, and sponsor and showcase company content up to five weeks prior to the live event for the best possible networking and meeting decisions once partnering begins.

BIO-Europe Spring Digital 2021 is expected to bring together over 2,500 executives from biotechnology, pharmaceutical and finance companies from around the world, who will engage in more than 15,000 partnering meetings.

The China Healthcare Investment Conference

The China Healthcare Investment Conference (CHIC) is the premier event of its kind, bringing together global and local healthcare investors with the most promising and successful China life science entrepreneurs. Now in our 12th year, CHIC 2021 will be held from March 23-25th, and will mark our first ever hybrid event, with both in-person sessions at the Shanghai Pudong Ritz Carlton and live on-line sessions with a global audience. Valuable 1:1 Meetings will be available online for all attendees. CHIC 2021 will also mark an exciting new partnership with Endpoints News, a global leader in reporting and analyzing the top global biotech and pharmaceutical R&D news of the day. Please save the date in your calendars, and we look forward to seeing you in Shanghai and/or online at CHIC 2021!

(中文) 医疗健康新营销论坛

(中文) 疫情之下,医疗行业从业者该如何破局,转危为机?2021年3月25日,睿达会MEC医疗健康新营销论坛正式来袭!


(中文) 第十一届化学制药国际峰会-亚洲|CIS-Asia 2021峰会

(中文) 第十一届化学制药国际峰会-亚洲|CIS-Asia 2021峰会将于2021年4月21-24日(周三至周六)在上海举办

(中文) BioCon2021 第八届国际生物药大会

(中文) BioCon 2021第八届国际生物药大会暨生物技术仪器设备与试剂展览会7大专场论坛,120+赞助品牌列席,150+精彩报告,2000+人次规模的生物药年度盛会

(中文) 下一代抗体药技术创新大会&细胞与基因治疗创新大会

(中文) 作为国家十四五规划中的重点产业,生物医药产业越来越成为支撑中国未来经济发展的主导产业之一,尤其2020年在新冠疫情的影响下,临床上对生物药的需求日益迫切,生物医药已经成为未来发展的明星产业。
基于此,Biofuture 2021 下一代抗体药技术创新大会&细胞与基因治疗创新大会将于2021年5月19-20日在上海召开。

Global Med Device IP Summit 2021

Global Med Device IP Summit 2021 organized by YIP Events which will be held in Shenzhen on June 2-4, with the theme of “Innovation and Intellectual Property Strategy under localization’s acceleration” . Two days conference and half day pre-conference workshop will mainly address the IP issues in medical device industry. It will bring together more than 300 leading in-house IP counsel, patent prosecutors and litigators, government officials and policy experts who will share their insights on the latest IP strategies for thriving at a time when regulatory and IP landscape changes are significantly impacting your business models.

(中文) PMIO China 第四届中国精准医学与肿瘤免疫治疗峰会

(中文) 为促进和加强肿瘤免疫治疗及精准医疗领域的交流与合作,帮助药企解读最新国内外药政法规,审评与监管政策,助力加速企业研发,临床申报与上市,推动中国生物药的产业化发展,GEC Events携手知名行业协会等机构将于2021年8月20-21日在上海召开,邀您一起“ 共话肿瘤免疫,助力精准医疗”。